M-EFFEKT Marketing & Beratung e.U.



Business orientation of a company focusing on the promotion of sales by customer service, advertising, monitoring and managing the market as well as by controlling its own production.


1. intended or also non-intended [surprising, impressive] result or impact
2. something which should have an impressive [and surprising] impact by using a procedure, technique or trick




  • Thomas Glanz

    Web-design & -development

  • Lisa Plank

    Marketing, graphic design, web-design, social media

  • Christoph Tlapak

    Marketing, graphic design, web-design & -development

  • Carina Kornberger

    Marketing, text, social media

  • Conny Wagner

    Communication, text, PR & press

  • Philipp Schweiger

    Programming, app-development

  • Michaela Eibel

    CEO, marketing, project management

  • Melanie Windhaber-Janser

    Graphic design, proofreading and editing

  • Martin Siegl

    Graphic design, brand architecture

  • Ulli Feiertag

    Marketing, project management

  • Michael Prünner

    Wine marketing

  • Daniela Bartoschitz

    Marketing, project management & graphic design

  • Tanja Geringer

    Administration und Accounting

  • Isabel Borckenstein-Quirini

    Project management, text & proofreading

  • Verena Seidl

    Social media, newsletter-marketing


We are continuously growing and always open to new ideas. We learn from each other, laugh with each other and work together to create brilliant solutions for our clients. Team spirit, know-how and creativity are our most valuable assets.
In order to get even more versatile, more diverse and more effective, we are constantly on the lookout for new “Effects”. Whether you are a graphic artist, a designer or a marketing native, just send us your unsolicited application.

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